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The 1980's, 

1980: First issue of InfoWorld is published.

1980: Microsoft licenses UNIX operating system from Bell Laboratories and introduces its XENIX adaptation.

1980: Total computers in use in the U.S. exceed one million units.

1981: Commodore introduces the VIC-20 home computer, which sells over one million units.

1981: IBM enters the personal computer market, creating a de facto standard.

1981: Osborne Computer introduces the Osborne 1, the first portable computer.

1982: Compaq Computer incorporates.

1982: Sun Microsystems is founded.

1982: Microsoft licenses MS-DOS to 50 microcomputer manufacturers in the first 16 months of availability.

1982: Time Magazine names the computer its Man of the Year.

1982: U.S. drops IBM antitrust suit begun in 1969.

1983: Compaq ships its first computer in January and sells $111M, the greatest first-year sales in the history of American business.

1983: Cray 2 computer introduced with one billion FLOPs (floating point operations per second) performance rating.

1983: Lotus 1-2-3 replaces VisiCalc as the spreadsheet software of choice for microcomputers.

1983: NEC announces the SX-1 and SX-2 supercomputers.

1983: Total computers in use in the U.S. exceed ten million units.

1984: Apple introduces the Macintosh computer.

1984: IBM introduces the PC AT (Advanced Technology). IBM merges with Rolm Corp., which becomes a telecommunications subsidiary.

1984: The Tandy 1000 personal computer becomes the #1 selling IBM PC-compatible in its first year.

1985: Aldus introduces PageMaker for the Macintosh and starts the desktop publishing era.

1986: Compaq makes the Fortune 500 list. Introduces its first Intel 80386-based PC.

1986: Computerworld publishes its 1,000th issue on November 3.

1986: HP introduces its Spectrum line of reduced instruction set computers (RISC).

1986: Tandy has over 7300 retail outlets including more than 4800 company-owned Radio Shack stores in the U.S.

1986: The number of computers in the U.S. exceeds 30 million.

1987: IBM introduces its PS/2 family and ships over 1 million units by year end.

1987: Sun Microsystems introduces its first workstation based on a RISC microprocessor.

1987: Apple introduces the Macintosh II and Macintosh SE and HyperCard.

1987: Compaq reaches a billion dollar in sales in its fifth year of operation.

1987: Apple spins off its application software business as a separate company and names it Claris.

1987: Texas Instruments introduces the first AI microprocessor chip.

1988: IBM announces its long awaited Silverlake mid-range computers called AS/400.

1988: The first graphics supercomputers are announced by Apollo, Ardent and Stellar. These computers are aimed

at 3D graphics applications.

1988: The first PS/2-compatible computers are announced by Tandy, Dell Computer and others.

1988: Sematech picks Austin, TX as its headquarters and the consortium will be headed by Robert Noyce.

1988: A consortium of PC companies led by Compaq introduces the EISA counter standard to IBM's PS/2          MicroChannel bus.

1988: IBM wins a $3.6B contract to build the next generation air traffic control system.

1988: A nondestructive worm spreads via the Internet network and brings several thousand computers to their knees.


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